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Company and Brand

Just about every candidate we sit down with has a story about their previous work experience. What we typically hear are candidates who feel stifled or bored in their current positions; sometimes it's just not enough money or people feel they do not have the experience. In short, we've heard just about every circumstance.

One of the reasons we have such a huge following and interest is because all we focus on is employee growth - no matter the experience or background. We take great pride in how much personal attention each employee receives. It's our passion.

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate is someone who is focused on growth both personally and professionally. This candidate is someone who has the ambition to learn and master the art of managing others, while balancing the responsibilities of great customer service and exceptional communication skills to our clients. We are seeking candidates who posses a great work ethic, positive character, and strong ethical standards. Overall, we want someone who is positive, fun, and great to work and grow with.

Ethics, Values, and Integrity

Cultivating a positive workplace by ensuring and practicing a strong value system. Every employee, manager, executive, and client representative alike, all must operate with the greatest levels of character. With efforts of our team and employees, everyone has a hand in creating this environment.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

At Rush, we believe diversity and inclusion at all levels is critical to the success of our business. A diverse workforce gives us the unique perspectives we need to build the most effective relationships with customers and clients. It's also vital to strengthening our organization. Delivering the best customer experience, giving back to our communities, succeeding as a team, and attracting and retaining top talent are all products of having a diverse and dynamic team.
When it comes to equal pay and equal treatment, we believe that is the only way of doing business. This is a merit-based business, which means we promote and reward based on the quality of the work performed.

Our Services

Brand Management

The analysis and planning on how a brand is positioned in the market. Developing a good relationship with target public is essential for brand management.

Customer Acquisitions

Considered the connection between advertising and customer relationships. This critical connectivity facilitates the acquisition of targeted customers.


A form of communication in marketing used to generate an increased consumption of a companies products or services to their customers.

Customer Service

What we do and the approach we take gives immeasurable results. Marketing is more than just securing consumers for our clients, it’s about creating a relationship that lasts.


Our approach within large retail venues allows us to target shoppers live in a spending money frame of mind already. We are able to market the product or service more effectively because of this.

Customer Retention

The frequency at which a customer chooses a particular brand over others, also known as a repeat customer. Customer Retention is determined primarily by the Marketing and Customer Service received by the individual.


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About Us

Rush is a marketing firm that provides our clients an opportunity to have a face-to-face interaction with their customers inside of the 2nd largest retailer in the world. We are able to do this by developing a well-trained staff that can directly support each client.